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Fuse keeps blowing turn signal

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  • Fuse keeps blowing turn signal

    Ok so i bought my rhd clip 92 da6 xsi harness. Got the car finally running. I have an issue with the turn signal. When i turn the lever for the turn signal for the right side everything illuminates as it should as for the left side the dash turn signal( left arrow) is very dim and while flashing the other light flash with the signal such as (mil, battery,hatch,seatbelt,and brake light hand brake) also when i turn on the hazard switch on samething but fuse does not blow. As for the left side exterior bulbs rear is very dim barely able to see it. Front left does not illuminate as well turn signal bulbs referring to be clear. Dash light are not on as well cant see dash. Hope this is clear. As for the ground wiring i have most of them that i cant see dont know if that might be the problem. Thank you very much.

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    One of your left turn signal positive wires is shorting to ground. It sounds like it is a bare wire (damaged insulation) that is arcing to ground (not a direct shorts). Double check any soldered or crimped connections first. If you can't find it that way trace the wires from the bulbs to the switch.


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      Thanks man i figured it out i found out from the icu to the left rear wire that went to the turn signal bulb grn/blue was shorting to ground.( touching the emergency brake wire). Finally i can get this thing on the street.