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New Blower motor draining battery??

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  • New Blower motor draining battery??

    Ok, so I just bought a 1990 Honda Integra XSI from RHD SPECIALTIES, sight unseen. when I got the car I noticed that I was missing the blower motor so hence no A/C or heater. I got on ebay and bought what was advertised as a new blower motor, when it arrived it did indeed look new but came with no gasket. I hit up a local parts car and got a dried to shit gasket and the 3 5/16 self tapping screws I was missing. I also replaced the battery because the battery that came with the car was deader than a door nail, it was replaced with a brand new red top optima. I installed my blower motor yesterday (11/14/16) and it worked great, cranked the car and color me purple but the air conditioner worked!!! cold ass A/C from what I can only assume is an R12 system as I don't see R134 hook ups. alas, I went to drive her around today (11/15/16) and she was stone cold dead. D.E.D dead. any1 heardrum of a blower motor draining the batteries out of our cars before? hooked up the battery charger right now and hopefully it recharges it. any input would be greatly appreciated .

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