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92-93 db2 integra and no engine harness

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  • 92-93 db2 integra and no engine harness

    Hello G2icers, Im working on a 92 Db2 and I am swapping my gsr engine from my 92 db1. I been doing research for hours and I Find out, with the db2 it has to use the db2 engine harness to correspond. I know how to mod the da/db's engine harness to make it work for da's or any other car. But I cant find a write up how to mod the da engine harness too work in the db2 chassis harness. if its possible, what wires do i have to extend,delete,add etc??? Right now there is a 6 pin grey plug on the driver side engine harness that is not on the Db2 chassis and every other connector plugs right up. Second option is to replace the db2 chassis harness with a obd1 da harness, which I am trying to avoid. Help please!

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    found one but still would like to know


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      if your DB1 is a 92 or 93 all you need to do is add the vtec activation wire and knock sensor wire to the engine harness. The 6 pin connector you are talking about is probibly the injector ground jumper. Does it have a bunch of yellow wires? If it does there should be a grey plug that connects all of the wires together. They all go to ground.
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        The plug your talking about is the dead plug with all the yellow wires. On the Db2 chassis there is only 1 plug and the dead plug. At first I had my obd1 harness and vtec sub harness already on. Everything plugs up with the harness that came out of my 92 Db1 but it just missing the 6 wire plug that is on the driver side harness. I already found a Db2 engine harness, but I just want to help When someone comes across the same problem and can't find a Gsr harness or $500 for a tucked harness lol. Thanks