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Android digital display gauges

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  • Android digital display gauges

    I'm getting a built b20v with 230+ hp put together and will need a couple gauges to keep everything on check. I found some people do the digital display setup from a tablet that can show 6 to 8 at a time.
    Has anyone done anything close to this on the obd1 ecu.
    I know the s300 I'm getting will have Bluetooth and the ability to display some functions.
    Main reason I'm interested is people say it was easy and only cost about $60 to $100 to setup.

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    I have been doing some research into canbus, and there are some more technical solutions for what you want. I do know that it is fairly simple to get digital guages working on megasquirt. Most of what i have seen otherwise is limited to non gui interface. I plan on doing something similar but as an external interface. I did pick up an ELM327 based interface to play around with reading from the bus. A lot of that is boarderline proprietary by manufacturer, and would take some work. There is also a serial dataport on the honda ecus, but I have seen limited use of it outside of aftermarket tuning applications with a usb converter.