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    I have an aftermarket JVC deck in my 90 GS now and I'm trying to put in a new Pyle deck. My problem is the bolt/L bracket holding the thing down. I can't seem to reach my hand in there let alone untighten it. Anybody know of the best way to go about this?

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    Take the center console off.

    Is the L bracket connected to the deck?
    Or can you still get the deck out with the 2 butter knife trick.


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      This is for the OEM, but other then the mounting sleeve and it's "lock" it would be the same...

      Is the JVC mounted with a kit or is the stock din pocket still under the JVC?

      If the screw/bolt, [that you can't undo] is attaching the JVCs back brace to the Tegs stock rear support brace there is no need to remove console, the screw/bolt is accessed from behind the HU on pass. side of car. 94


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        I'm not really sure how it was installed, I bought the car that way. I'll post some pics [better than me talking]. I think the JVC is just bolted using an L to the frame. I could barley take the pics, let alone reach back there
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          Judging by the pic, it looks like you have enough room.
          But what can I say, I dont have giant hands.

          The stock radio is also mounted to that piece also.

          If you cant get your hand in there, or no tools, then just take off the center console like I said before.
          It's only a few scews here, and there, but it'll save you the headache of squishing your hands in there.
          (remove the driver and pssger lower panels, then the center)


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            OK, the "nut" you are looking at is holding a "L" bracket to the back of the JVC HU, I do not see anything holding the "L" bracket to the stock rear support bracket, [looks like it's just "resting" there, [ghetto], if that's the case, you do not need to remove the not.
            The HU is held, [locked] in place by the mounting sleeve locking tabs, [one on each side of the HU], if you do not have the "keys" then the butter knife trick can be used, remove face plate and trim, slide a butter knife down each side of the HU between HU and sleeve, that should release the "locks" and allow you to slide the HU out, this may help... click on INSALLATION and look at diagram 3.94


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              I seen that too, but I'd figuire he already tried the butter knife trick.
              The bracket is probaly just there to keep the radio level and from falling.


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                There actually is a bolt holding the L bracket to the car, the pic is just over exposed. So with the center console, how exactly do I remove it, I remembering trying to remove the pannel above the passengers knee's, but it seemed to be connected to the dash!? Any info is appreciated.


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                  Alot of screws. And just unclick the panels off after you take the screws out.
                  Not a difficult job, just time consuming.


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                    What kind of nut/bolt/screw is holding the "L" bracket to the stock rear support?

                    If you do not have the proper tools, [socket/driver/extension/universal fitting] whatever is needed to reach and undo the nut/bolt/screw, [someone put it there and tightened it up] you may just have to pull the console.
                    I have done more then a few g2s and have never had to pull the console to remove/install just a HU, but then again I have the tools.

                    Also, I am not sure how you will remove the console if you can't remove the HU.

                    The "Instrument Panel Lower Cover" is held in with 3 Philips screws, [2 on the bottom and one under "Coin Tray"] there are also 2 "clips" at the top, they can be a pain to pop out, Hint... do not pull out on the bottom of the panel, [it will only misaligned the clips and make them tighter], the same goes for lower dash panel on pass. side.94


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                      The center console is not connected to the HU.

                      2 screws up top, 2 each side, 1 below ash tray, and screw off shift knob.
                      I believe that's it.

                      The black piece surrounding the radio is separte from the center console.


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                        Removing the centre console won't help with anything. The problem is that it is BOLTED; bolt on HU to L bracket, L bracket bolted to frame(i think ) All bolts are unaccessable because of clearence issues. The only way is with a wrench, but that is extreamly tedious (as the range of motion is about 1 inch). Is there a way to remove that whole metal assembly behind the mouldings (the thing that goes from the floor to the top; behind the moulding). I think that is my best bet.

                        [why is this so hard for a simple HU switcheroo ]


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                          BTW The stock one is mounted basically the same way.
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                            See the flex shaft? Yeah one of those is what you need. I'm not saying buy that kit, cause they have non-power ones, that was with a quick search to give you an idea of what you need. I have one of those flex rods with a rachet screwdriver at the bottom. I've gotten every hidden stereo nut or screw to date


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                              Well we pulled one apart today, [to repair gear position switch, and move HU to the top and pocket to the bottom] removing lower dash panels and console did allow for for a little easier access to the rear support bracket, but we still had to undo nut from behind, [from pass side] used a 1/4" drive ratchet, 6" extension, uni joint and a 8mm socket, shined a light up from the drivers side, I had to owner of the car, [staff] undo it, took him a min. to figure it out but he got it.
                              You still haven't said how it's held in place, [nut/bolt/screw]?94