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    sorry, it's held by nut and bolt on both sides of the L bracket


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      Then you should be able to use a socket, uni joint, extension and ratchet to remove it, if you don't have them and can't borrow them go to Wallmart or Sears and just buy the cheapest ones you can find, you will need them again when you reinstall the new HU.

      Also if you do not have the tools, and you plan on working on your car yourself, now is a good time to start buying the tools you need, [a little at a time] so instead of getting cheap stuff, get something better, a small 1/4" drive metric socket set will be very useful in the future.94


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        If you're still having problems, just take the time to take the center console out so you can have a little bit more room to work with.


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          Thanks for all the help, will try again today.


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            Bit of a necro-bump here but I wanted to know what to do if the bolts, once loosened just spin in place and don't progress out of the holes? I've taken the paneling off for easier access to the 2 bolts holding the stereo in place but nothing doing. Should I place a shim in such as a flat head screw driver to help guide it out?

            Edit: figured out they are holding bolts meaning they loosen but do not come out/off. I wiggled around a bit and got the unit out.
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