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Oem side skirts

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  • Oem side skirts

    image.jpgimage.jpgSo who here has an idea where all te clips go on the oem skirts. I have a bag full of parts and no clue where some go

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    Don't have any of those on my set. Mine fit fine and it doesn't look like anything is missing.


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      I cant get pics of my own right now but if you look in the following pic you will notice that the upper brackets are designed to go under the plastic bit in you door jamb and the lower brackets are designed to clamp on to the sill. And then the end cap slides on and is screwed into place where the mud guard usually go.

      From memory i think the brackets are attached to the side skirts with rivets from factory.

      I can get detailed pics up tomorrow as it seems you are the second person to ask about this.

      I also recall a member on here who did a great job of making a set of brackets but i cant remember what thread it was.


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        The reason I ask is because I'm trying to find where all the clips and rails go. I've got ones that go behind the door parts on both kits. I'm not wanting to hack this nor make it hard to remove and risk breaking