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1991 Integra GS (Auto) Exhaust hangs low

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  • 1991 Integra GS (Auto) Exhaust hangs low

    I have an Automatic (converted to Manual), but I think I may have screwed up purchasing an exhaust system- or - the bracket / post near the back of the car that is used to hold up the exhaust pipe, is missing. I'm thinking the Autos did not have this spot welded to the frame, like the manual ones did. I guess its also possible that the bracket was knocked off, but I don't see where it was ever welded up.

    The issue is that the exhaust pipe hangs a little low where the muffler bolts on. There is a hanger on the pipe around there, but no corresponding one on the car. Seems like any decent after market exhaust systems need this last hanger anyway, so I'm guessing I need to possibly have one welded up.

    Anyone familiar with this dilemma, and how did you resolve it?

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    +1 I know this thread is old but its worth a shot! I too can confirm my 90 Integra (auto chassis) that I converted to manual DOES NOT have the bracket (or any marks suggesting there once was) on the frame at all. BUT, my other DA shell (original manual chassis) has the dang bracket. Why would Honda do this?

    I'm trying to install my hks hi-power and there's no way to run the rear section without that bracket! WEIRD.

    Guess ill be driving to the exhaust shop with only my b-pipe installed.