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H4 Harness the same as H4H Harness?

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  • H4 Harness the same as H4H Harness?

    I bought a set of Stanley one pieces for a pretty good deal ($150 CAD). They came with the H4H bulbs, but not the jdm H4H wiring harness. From my understanding, the H4 and the H4H harnesses look the same, but I'm not sure if i can just plug in an H4 Harness into my H4H bulbs.

    My question is, can I use an H4 Harness on my H4H bulbs? Are the H4 and H4H Harnesses different in any way?

    I know Password:JDM sells an H4H harness specifically for this, but living in Canada, it's a little harder to get them. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Yes, H4 harness is the same as H4H. 3 pin (2 vertical and 1 horizontal)