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Taillight replacement tips

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  • Taillight replacement tips

    im looking everywhere for taillights, and can only seem to find the "altezza" lights.

    are my only options to pull from salvage?

    also, is it possible to restore the lenses from factory taillights, and place them on another assembly?

    im replacing the gaskets, in order to hopefully fix the leak, but some of the bolt downs are broke.

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    You can repair the broken studs. I've super glued them into the housing and heated them and pressed them back in. The only 3 door tail light that to can still get from Acura is the passenger side 90/91 all others are discontinued and out of stock.

    There is a company that sells the 90/91 white and red but they are not the same as OEM. The tops are more clear than white. There is no one that I know of making aftermarket replacements for the 92/93 style.


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      Additionally - yes, you can remove the lenses from the housing if you needed to replace just part of the light. You just need to use a heat gun or put the light into an oven, this softens the sealant holding the housing and lens together. You might be able to get away with reusing the old sealant but my recommendation would be to remove as much of it as you can and buy new Butyl sealant: Search the site, there are some threads about "clearing" taillights which explain the procedure of separating the lens from housing.

      Another option is to check out JDM importers, they often have good condition used lights, more likely to get a good set from them than a junkyard.
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