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92 front bumper on 91 problems!!!!! Please help!!!!

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  • 92 front bumper on 91 problems!!!!! Please help!!!!

    Swapped my 91 support to the 92 bumper cover and go install and the drivers side edge of the bumper is sagging and feels like there resistance ..... I grinded 1/2 inch of both ends and completely removed the foam... only thing that is not bolted to the support is the license plate bolt underneath .... passenger side fits perfect just can

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    I have had issues like that in the past. Now what I do is I'm able to rest the bumper with the support on the frame of the car like you were going to mount it. Then I take a long screw driver and there are holes that our in the support that line up with the frame where it bolts in. I get enough leverage and I get no gaps when I'm done. Try to also not completely tighten down one side before going to the next


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      Not sure why the passenger side fits good but drivers side has resistance .... should I put the bottom bolts underneath the car on 1st???cuz when I bolt in the signal light bolts it pulls the small middle section out to where the hood won


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        The 92 93 front bumper hangers and bumper support are different from 90 91. The hangers and bumper support needs to match the years of the bumper cover.