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Rear bumper removal

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  • Rear bumper removal

    I have a body kit coming and i cant get the back bumper to come off..I cant find anymore...can anyone remember and list where the bolts are located..Thanx to who replies :confused:

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    Remove the screwa that hold the rear mud flaps on. (3 total)

    Remove the two screws on each side of the bumper cover in the wheel wells.

    Remove the panel at the rear of the hatch.

    Get under the car and remove the plasic covers that cover the lower nuts tht hold the bumper support on. One us just above the tail pipe and the other is in the same location on the passangers side. The covers are held on by 2 plastic phillips head screw clips. Then remove the 2 nuts (1 on each side)

    While you are under the car disconnect the license plate lights the wires come out on the passangers side. there are 2 wires with bullet type connectors.

    Go inside the hatch and remove the 2 nuts just above the floor / unibody frame ( they look just like the ones that were removed under the car) Ther is 1 on each side.

    have someone help you, one person on each side. Put one hand on the wheel well and the other on the rear part of the bumper. Pull out on the wheel well and push twords the rear of the car. The bumper cover and support should come free.


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      For the two bolts inside the hatch, do you have to remove any of the paneling inside the trunck? I just can't seem to find them. Please help.

      Update: figured it out.
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