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    I painted my car yesterday.. and i took off all the window trim, and some of it was dammaged.. Does anybody know were i can get some brand new window trim .. acura dealers said the backs side windows are 160 for both sides and 173 for the driver side window and 183 for the passanger side window.. that is a little high.. If i can get some aftermarket, or some that are a little cheaper..That is what i want to do... if you know anywere please post a link or a phone number.. Thanks

    How do i post pictures on here ..

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    Look in the For Sale sections of the board to find people parting-out wrecked or junked tegs... check your local junkyards, etc...

    Nothing beats a grilled cheese sandwich...


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      Check out . They have every single part for our cars. I've ordered many parts from them and they got there in 4-5 days.


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        Thay did not have what i was looking for.. thanks for the reply..I will just order them from my local dealer


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          I know, it's a little hard to find the parts you are looking for on that website.

          This is under moulding (protector) category. This has the window moulding. Which is parts 6, 3, and 9. That's for the front windows.

          This has the quarter window pieces, they are parts 12, and 13. The prices look like they would be about the same though as what your dealer what charge you. It's up to you which place to order from.


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            Thanks for your help, but i already got the moldings from the dealer, my integra has been down for about to months i am ready to get it up and runnin again so i just payed the extra money...