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Not sure about what I've got...Rear Hatch Visor

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  • Not sure about what I've got...Rear Hatch Visor

    Hi G2IC,

    I know some of you have a rear hatch visor. I just bought one but not sure what brand it is. If I remember the OEM one is held by hardware, the one I got use double sided tape. Here's some pic of it:

    BTW it's not fixed so that why the fitting is offset

    Thanks everyone

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    Interesting. Could it be off a different model Honda? I'm curious to know also, looks unique. Is there anything stamped on it. Part #?


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      Nop, nothing stamped on it, some scratch cause it's not new but that's it.

      It's off another DA so I don't think it's from another model.

      I thought about the GTS Solarwing or something like that. Could it be one?

      Thanks again!


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        I pulled this pic off of summit racing, looks like its the Gt Syling solarwing..


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 it's not a uber JDM Rare part LOL.

          I don't mind, I think it will look really clean.

          Thanks Integ21 for clearing that up with me!


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            the one you have doesnt look as big as the GTS solarwing though..


            unless they had a different version of it.


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              I tought there was 2 version of the solarwing...

              And mind is a lot smaller than the one pictured above

              I may have one of them...


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                yeah, there are 2 versions. it LOOKS like you have the other version. yours will look really nice installed. i might hunt one down for my next DA project. the smaller "solarwing" is really clean looking. not quite as nice as an OEM visor, but a fair substitute. would be nicer if it was held on with some clips/hardware, but beggars cannot be choosers.
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                  looks good to me
                  post pics wen its on


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                    I've been searching for this visor but I only find the Solar 2. Does anyone have a clue which version is which? I don't want to buy the huge visor pictured above.


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                      Just a question though...

                      Is this Visor discontinued or still available to buy at SummitRacing?

                      Which one is the Type 1 and Type 2 ???

                      tilegend found the pic on Summit, maybe it's still avalaible?


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                        The pic I posted is for the GTS-51080 not sure which version it is but if it's anything like the pic then it might be the next best thing to the OEM version.

                        It goes for 89.95 on summit racing.


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                          can you take a pic of it thru the back like you are looking out the back window? an up out the back window (2 pic) please?


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                            Here's pic that the seller took for me before I buy it:


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                              That actually looks pretty good...

                              Can you ask the seller where he got that?