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  • What does an intercooler pipe do?

    It is enough to make a time management consultant weep with joy. Mr. Yeates, the president of Computer Innovations Distribution Inc. of Mississauga, Ont., and Mr. Upton, marketing manager for the B.C. Lions of the Canadian Football League, are among the thousands of Canadians who use cellular telephones to do business while they are on the road.

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    No longer are travelling salesmen writing out contracts on the car seat, rushing to nearby pay telephones and scrambling for the correct change in order to seal a deal with a client. Instead, they conduct deals from their cars and say their productivity is increasing.

    "I'm a telephone kind of guy," Mr. Upton said. "It allows me to get a lot off my plate." He spends three to four hours a day in his car, and said having a phone in his car allows him to respond quickly to clients' needs.

    Many people have discovered that returning messages while driving is a productive use of time. Like Mr. Yeates, they take messages with them into the car and return calls as they go. "Any phone call I could make in my office, I make in my car," he said. (He was driving to Brampton, Ont., at the time.)

    Cellular service is available in most provinces from the local phone company and Cantel Inc. of Montreal, the private company federally licenced to provide competition for the phone companies. More than 45,000 Canadians have cellular service, making minimum payments of about $100 a month to lease the equipment and buy a small amount of time. Heavy users, however, can pay as much as $500 a month for the privilege of constantly staying in touch.

    There are problems, however. Users complain of busy signals, static, connections that fade in and out and areas in which their telephone conversations just fade away.

    "I lose guys all the time," said Terry Drayton, vice-president of finance with Spring Valley Water Corp. of Toronto. "Then often in certain areas or times of day I can't get an outside line."

    Some of the problems are the result of high demand for the services, and the companies are bullish on their expansion prospects. Cantel's plans could double its capacity in the Toronto area next year, and Alberta Government Telephones expects to link Edmonton and Calgary early next year by extending its service in a 32- kilometre-wide strip down Highway 2. Maritime Telegraph & Telephone Co. Ltd. will have its cellular service under way next year as well.

    Many people are skeptical about the need for a telephone in the car, however. They consider them just another status symbol, and actually welcome a quiet moment in their cars to collect their thoughts. (For those who do not need a telephone but want the prestige, just $15.95 buys a fake cellular phone antenna and cardboard replica of a telephone.)

    Mr. Drayton was among the skeptics. "I figured, who the hell ever uses the thing? Obviously, they're just phoning their girl friends." However, he discovered when he left the company's office north of Toronto, he returned messages from the company Jeep and completed a great deal of business. "I'm a confirmed believer."

    One merchant banker in Toronto finds that he uses his cellular telephone from the moment he leaves the house in the morning. "We work across Canada and I find it very helpful to make calls to Eastern Canada on the way to work from eight o'clock on," he said.

    Driving and conducting business may seem a bit like chewing gum and walking at the same time, but many people say they have mastered the skill. With the help of technology, they use memory dial and hands-free features. The speaker is most often attached to the windshield sun visor, and users say they can dial with their thumbs.

    Some cellular phone users report receiving quizzical looks from fellow motorists who see them talking animatedly in an empty car. And one construction company president tells of the time he made a call from his car and thought he had been put on hold. He had his speaker phone on, when a car suddenly cut into the lane in front of him. He swore a blue streak, startling the receptionist on the other end who thought his insults were directed at her.

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    Conducting business from a moving vehicle can be hazardous, however. When the driver needs to make a note of something, he or she can either speak into a hand-held tape recorder or call the office answering machine and leave a reminder. The cellular phone companies recommend dialing when the car is stopped, and pulling over before writing down any notes.

    Canadian police departments have not yet created a category of accidents in which telephone use is a factor, but they have occurred. One U.S. survey of cellular telephone users showed that 1.5 per cent were using their car telephone when they had a traffic violation. Drivers with phones can be helpful to police, however, when they call in to report traffic tie-ups or accidents they have witnessed.

    Many people might cringe at the thought of being accessible to telephone callers everywhere they turn, but some people (and businesses) thrive on that contact. John Sereny, president of Green Forest Lumber Ltd. of Toronto, is a self-confessed telephone addict. He has telephones in his two cars, and refuses to say how many he owns in total. "You get to the point where you can't live without it," he said.

    His average bill is around $500 a month but he believes it is worth every penny. "I'm quite productive when I'm driving along. Many, many things come to my mind."

    Mr. Sereny has even taken his portable cellular telephone into a restaurant when he has expected a call, and to a hockey game.

    In fact, New York Rangers general manager Phil Esposito even took a phone with him on to a golf course, where he thought of a deal that might interest Edmonton Oilers general manager Glen Sather. He made the call from the course, and a few weeks later the two National Hockey League teams made a trade.

    Not all the uses of cellular technology are legal. The RCMP is concerned about organized crime's growing affection for cellular telephones, particularly because the police lack the technical ability to tap the calls. They can listen in on a conversation, but voice identification is difficult.
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    Beginning with scramblers to prevent third parties from listening in on the radio waves, the services offered from a cellular telephone are expected to grow. It won't be long, say those in the industry, before computers and cellular telephones are linked in single pieces of hardware, or before miniaturization makes a telephone small enough to carry in a briefcase or purse.
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