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  • In the way to LSV-T, updated weekly

    Its been 2 year i am turbo right now
    Ive started with the Xs kit on ebay, did a really great job up to last summer where manifold cracked and a rock got into the impeller...
    goal is 300whp safely

    Here is what i bought and need to install
    - Walbro 255
    - Wiseco 81.5 9.5:1
    - Cast manifold
    - Fuel pressure regulator
    - 6 puck clutch
    -8 pound flywheel (..i know, but i give it a try)
    - 98 GSR head
    - new water pump and belts
    - Tick COmetic headgasket 0.043inch
    - ARP headstud and rod bolts
    its about all...

    here is the progress so far, only got everything out..
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    I do hope you plan on pulling that engine before the pistons go in

    looks like a promising build thread


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      Engine is hooked up for work
      Pistons are out
      First wash is done, sandblast to come

      next step:
      Bore cylinders + clean the bay

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        300 should be way easy. 10 psi on the right turbo and you are at 300.

        Shoot for 350-375 safely on Pump

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          oh i didnt expect that much ! we'll see, the problem may be my injector size (450cc) and my axles (stock). No LSD for now..
          lets see what i can do next until next week !


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            still a bit further...
            sandblasting next weekend
            How to know if the water pump needs to be changed ? it look really nice on the inside, but who knows if its shot or not...?
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              On a fresh build ALWAYS get a new water pump...comeon now.

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                block is now at the machine shop
                in the meanwhile, i decided to brush a little.. this is a pre cleaning because ill use the pressure washer in a few days.
                im am wondering, how the hell to people make their bay clean without all these wires and hoses !?!?
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                  they keep only the hoses/wires they need, and they ingeniously re-route them out of plain sight.

                  moving the fuse panel on the passenger side strut tower to the passenger footwell area is one of the biggest improvements.

                  losing a/c, p/s, cruise control are all very big helps as well.

                  all depends on how much you can stand to lose in the way of creature comforts. if you plan on keeping it as a comfy dd, just keep the unsightly hoses/wires and be done with it. if you want them gone, plan on it being less comfy but cleaner looking.

                  ETA: you're gonna wanna get bigger injectors and probably a resistor box. might as well do it now while it's a lot easier to build up.


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                    Thanks for the input.
                    As far as resistor box goes, i already have it since my car is a 93.
                    I'll increase the fuel pressure a bit and see where i can max my injectors. From there i'll see if i can stay with it for this summer.

                    Only thing i want to conserve is PS, my winter beater doesnt have it and it is a real pain!!

                    Anything i should think about since everything is out ? i plan on making my own PCV system and unhook the stock one (big black tank on firewall).
                    I need to replace the front engine mount. I like the confort of the stock ones, is this really worth it to go polyurethane ?


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                      resistor boxes are from OBD-0 cars. your 93 is OBD-I. I do hope you meant to say that you've purchased a resistor box from elsewhere, since your car does not have one stock.


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                        of course, like i said im running turbo for 2 years now (blue top 450cc)
                        Resistor box is from a 91 integra.
                        Today im still cleaning the bay, ive installed one racing seat only. I had to fix it in place because the universal sliders would lift it too high and my head was knocking on the roof. I dunno if ill keep it, buy another one or stay stock.


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                          Hear that sound?

                          That's me smacking my own forehead.

                          Reading comprehension > me.


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                            I never knew OBD-I cars needed a resistor box...what kind of injectors are you running?


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                              for higher fuel consumption turbo cars, peak and hold injectors are required--which creates a need for resistors. one can either source a resistor pack from an OBD-0 car or wire a 10W 10-ohm resistor inline on each injector.