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B16 Crank/Rods/Pistons in LS Block (Not stock parts)

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  • B16 Crank/Rods/Pistons in LS Block (Not stock parts)

    I've been using the Honda calculator for a while, and I think I got the hang of it.

    I have a built B16A2 block with Crower rods, Probe Ind. SRS pistons, ARP hardware, etc.

    Due to fundage, or rather... lack thereof, I'm thinking of just sticking those parts in my LS block and having it bored to 81.5mm to suit the pistons I have.

    Doing calculating, it seems that if I were to use the B16 crank, It'd have a stupid low compression ratio of 5 something to 1.

    Changed the crank from the B16 to the stock LS, and it says it'll be at 8.4:1. Here's the specs from the Compression Calculator:

    Static Comp Ratio: 8.41:1
    Displacement: 1857.1cc
    Rod/Stroke Ratio: 1.51:1
    Piston-to-Deck Height: 0.131in
    Mean Piston Speed: 1970fps @ 8,000rpm

    How's that read out?
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    Your question wasn't as simple or complete as you may have wanted it.....

    The thread title states that you want a B16 crank/rods/pistons in an LS block... your question states you want to know the compression of '9:1' B16 pistons if they were put in an LS block.

    So which is it?

    B16 crank/rods/pistons in a full B18 block/head setup? Or...???

    Either way, there are compression calculators all over the internet that would answer this question for you with a little effort.

    Go there. Change the value for the OEM 3 Layer Headgasket to .030" instead of the incorrect value of .026". Plug in the other values/parts you're wanting to use and have at it.


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      Ah, sorry about that. I suppose it started out as if I could just do it and be fine on a FI build, but I got carried away.

      Also, THANK YOU! That calculator is bloody great. Well if I were using an LS crank with B16 rods, and USDM B16 pistons, I'd have a compression ratio of 10.1:1. However, I'm using pistons that are made for a B16A2, that will bring it's compression ratio down to 9:1.

      So back to that calculator. Thanks again for that by the way.
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          Updated first post.
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            The B16 has a shorter stroke ( the block is also shorter center line of the crank to the top of the block on the B16) that is why you will have low compression. If you want to turn you 1800 cc block B18a in to a 1600 cc motor you will have to have rods made to do this.


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              Sell that LS and complete the B16 bottom with a nice head.


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                Booooooooo on that.

                Displacement ftw! Especially when you already have the motor.


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                  Well yea. For boost, more displacement equals quicker spool. But yea, if I use my stock LS crank, but the B16 Crower rods, and Probe pistons, I should be sitting at 8.4:1 compression. That is, if the compression calculator is accurate. And if that's the case, that's fine by me since I'll be shooting for around 300 low, and 450 high on boost.


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                    I know the B16 rods are shorter, and the pistons will sit down in the cylinder some, but would that hurt anything? Or would it run just fine?