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Frankenstein build b20/b17

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  • Frankenstein build b20/b17

    So I have a bit of a dilemma and I need some advice. My DA is currently running a b17, semi built with bolt-ons. I'm at the point where i'm ready to start building the rest, I just want ideas. Ideally it'd be cool to stay OG and build the black sheep, but im lookin for some more power. I was thinking about slapping my vtec head onto a b20b or z block for a little beefier combo. What internals do you guys recommend??

    -I'm not planning on ever supercharging or boosting, I wanna keep it all motor. I still want it to be reliable enough to where I can keep it as a daily and still rock 91 octane.

    -Just had the head rebuilt n its running supertech valves springs n retainers. Included in the build will be a mild cam setup, s2k tb and intake mani bore to 60mm to match tb size.

    Current Bolt On's:
    AEM cai
    Skunk2 intake manifold
    Greddy header/exhaust
    high flow cat

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    Throw some BC/Eagle/whatever rods in there with some 11:1 JE/Arias pistons (if you have a tuner who can get your motor running safely at that ratio w/91 octane), ARP main bolts, OEM/ACL/Calico/King bearings and call it a day.

    Just keep the rpms on the lower-end (7-7.5k) to keep stress off of the weak B20 sleeves.

    That would be a pretty beastly motor.


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      your better off going lsv or getting a b18c block, add some 11:1 comp pistons, 70mm t/b port matched, itr cams and a good tune. that would put you just above the average gsr..

      a b20 needs alote to fully get its power out, 11:1 comp 84mm pistons, 440cc injectors, 74mm t/b, vector X manifold, valve springs, retainers, mild head port will help, skunk2 pro2 cams, 4-1 headers with 3" collector, full 2.75" catback and hondata tune.
      you can go with itr cams or sk2 pro1 cams to keep it smooth as a dd..

      you might want to look at other lsv and b20v builds posted up..


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        Oh for sure. That's my only concern with running higher compression pistons, is still being able to use 91. Either way, a hondata tune will be in the works right after the build. Also from what I understand with doing this setup, theres not a whole lot of piston to valve clearance. So when tuning, the shop must be careful when messing with my cam advancing. Already got the cam gears, just need a cam to couple with them. Anybody know of a reputable tuning shop in the LA area?? And best believe I've been all over the web researching different setups. There's so many choices obviously. Much appreciated guys for your input. I'll keep ya posted, and maybe throw up some pics once the build begins


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          If your tuner is good he can make 12:1 compression on 91 pump gas run just fine.


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            Whomever is putting the engine together should degree the cams before completing the engine, measure p2v clearances, etc. Pick up the phone and call Password:JDM as I'm sure they would know a good shop in your area to help you out.


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              well for good tunner shops in LA I would look into Church Auomotive testing, or Kingmotorsports. Sean ceo of church automotive has been tuning cars for more than 15years give him a call at 310-713-6171.
              Just an fyi the stock 98 spec itr has a 11:1 comp, and that may varry on the vtec head you use along with valves.

              gsr heads have a quench area that helps air flow and bumps up cylinder compression, b16 head doesnt so your comp drops a bit.

              this pic below shows the flat areas in the gsr head called quench vs the b16 low comp.


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                The compression difference between the two is less than ~.5:1 between the GSR and B16.

                GSR will slightly bump compression, B16 will flow slightly better.. blah blah.


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                  I also forgot to mention that the gsr have a slightly bigger intake port for easy air flow, the top lobe of the intake ports are bigger than the b16..
                  here is a front shot with the gsr head on top and a side shot.


                  the second pic also shows the differnt bolt patterns on the heads intakes manifolds from the b16 and gsr, the center bolt is moved to the right for gsr's..

                  I hope the pic is usefull when people ask if you can use a b16/type r manifold on a gsr head.


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                    The flow characteristics between the two heads are so small it's virtually negligible. There used to be a flow graph showing the gains and losses in others between the two. The quench pad is the big difference. The larger intake port is true on the c1 head, however remember that really only comes into play with an aftermarket intake manifold, as you're only using part of the stock one at any given point that is, the butterflies aren't always open.

                    could always pick up an Endyn head and have the best of both worlds. And his should flow even more than the b16 head. King Motorsports is a great resource, but they will probably be quite expensive. Never hurts to give em a call.