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O-ring between head and block?

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  • O-ring between head and block?

    Putting together a B18C1, the shop manual shows an o ring where i see a circle indentation in the block and says to replace.. but it also shows the "orifice" being removable.. anyways i have the o ring but i really dont think it belongs anymore.. seeing as the shop manual also shows the dowels being on the wrong side i figure it may be wrong

    can someone shed some light on this, i dont think i need the o ring there, and dont think that piece in the block comes out but input from someone more knowledgeable would be great

    shop manual

    block along with the o ring

    o ring next to where it would go in HG

    and no, i wont be using that HG

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    The Oil Control Orifice does indeed come out of the block, as the manual shows. There is a machined groove in the body of the orifice that the o-ring will fit in.

    So the o-ring will sit between the block and the oil orifice.

    I've seen a couple motors where the orifice had threads that a bolt could thread into & pull the orifice out.. some you just have to gently pry. Even if there isn't threads, a bolt might help you get some proper leverage. Or, you could just leave the old o-ring installed?

    Either way, yes there is an o-ring there.. yes the oil control orifice is removable.


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      ahh thank u.

      it just really didnt/doesnt look like that thing comes out!
      i guess i can see where it separates

      but yeah ill leave it alone, when i placed my order for seals i wanted to make sure i got them all since i was ordering from the states and didnt look close enough at the diagram to realize it sits UNDER that thing

      either way, question is answered. thanks