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Gsr rods in ls block?

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  • Gsr rods in ls block?

    Will gsr rods work in a ls block woth ls pistons and crank and gsr head. I picked up some new eagle hbeam rods a dude was selling for 50$ never used so will they work

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    They might! I know you can use Ls crank and rods in a Gsr block not Shure about vise/versa

    Pretty Shure Ls n Gsr rods have dif lengths not too much but there is a dif in the bearings cause b16 and Ls bearings are the same and Gsr/Itr bearings are the same so there might be some more technical help from someone else but I know ya might run into a few things that are tricky


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      No, gsr rods are too narrow up top for ls pistons. You'll have to get either gsr, itr, or ctr pistons.


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        There ya go I figured someone would have a answer I personally never tried that set up


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          gsr rods will have no problem running on ls pistons or any other oem b series ones. the only issue is when you try to run the pistons out o a p72 based engine(thinner rod) on thicker ls/b16/b17 rod. you will need to run the gsr crank to match the rods for the correct end play.

          if you want to know my experience, ive been building engines for about 8 years including plenty of hondas.