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Results from leak down test

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  • Results from leak down test

    LS/VTEC Turbo
    Built bottom end w/ 9:1 pistons

    The car was running a bit rough so I decided to do a compression test, these are the results of the dry and wet tests performed:

    So obviously this doesn't look good, cylinder #1 being the focus of attention.

    I decided not to spend $100 on a leak-down tester so I fashioned up my own using some of the components from my compression tester:

    Results of the leak-down test:
    100 psi, each cylinder set precisely to TDC prior to testing.

    Cylinder #1: 100% leak with all air exiting through the exhaust valves.

    Cylinder #2: 60% leak exiting through exhaust valves.

    Cylinder #3: 80% leak exiting through exhaust valves.

    Cylinder #4: 70% leak exiting through spark plug hole of cylinder #3

    From what I can tell the head needs to come off and the exhaust valves need to be thoroughly inspected. Before I go to those lengths, I figure it can't hurt to ask some of you fine folks for your opinions on the matter.

    Any advice from anyone that has experienced similar circumstances?


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    looks like bent or valves that are not seated.. what was done to the head?


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      could be that ^^^ or it could be really shitty timing as well