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Car is really messed up!! Please help!!

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  • Car is really messed up!! Please help!!

    Yo my cars f*cked up. I did a pull from 1st to 2nd and when i went to hit the brakes i cudnt depress the pedal. Had to stop wit the ebrake. When it came to a stop the car keeps revin by itself to 3000. I disconnected the ecu plugged it back in n the cars still the same. The car has an obd2 gsr motor, step down harness n a chipped p28 ecu. What can be the problem? Please help!!

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    sounds to me like a vacuum issue maybe with your booster or something. check all vacuum lines going to your brake setup. also any leaks?

    brakes are just a hydrolic setup so if the pedal dosnt depress it means the pressure is going somewhere else..


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      Thanks for the help! @snails im gonna check the car out now


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        Yeah, sounds like the vacuum line from the intake manifold to the brake booster has a leak or is disconnected or something. If that hose is damaged or disconnected it would cause a vacuum leak which would cause the engine to rev high and it would also "de-power" the booster making it very difficult to apply the brakes.

        Keep in mind that your brakes still work if this is the problem, you just need to push on them a lot harder for them to work. It will be safer to stand on the brakes as hard as you can vs trying to use the e-brake - or better yet, try both if you need to.

        You may also want to check your engine mounts, if this happened when you were doing a full throttle pull the engine may be moving around too much and this could cause the booster hose to break or come off. Just a thought.
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          Thats exactly what it was @colin. U my friend def know ur sh*t! Thanks again!