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  • Lsv-tec bore over build

    IMAG0515.jpgAlright guys can anybody tell me how much abuse can a B20 non sleeved block take? I'm thinking about beefing up a GSR Head that I have and throwing in some high comp pistons with some rods too. It will be in my DD as to its my only car.

    Or should I get a B18B and work with that.

    My goal is to at least make a little over 200 HP for the mean time and.
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    You should be alright with either block,
    If your boosting or putting down a lot of power at The wheels then ya start thinking about sleeves

    If you build it right and get it tuned after a break in of about 2-3000 miles I mean she can handle anything, any kind of abuse with in reason, knowing your car and your motor is good so whatever ya build get a tune and you should be ok

    And 200whp Na on a Lsv is not that hard to accomplish,

    Dual springs, retainers, maybe stage 1-2 cams shit even type r cams would
    Get ya to 200, arp rod bolts head studs, a bore/hone you would get 200 off simple upgrades,

    Me personally I only run Oem Honda gaskets have not ever failed me since I started buying Oem gaskets

    And the block is personal preference a b20 block is just a little bit bigger bore I am pretty sure the stroke is the same don't quote me on that one but a b18 block can do and make just as much power depends what ya wanna do to the block, arp rod bolts on shot peened rods will help ya rpm range a little


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      Mnda90 yea you right I mean the more I read the more I realized how easy it was to hit that 200hp mark so Im just going to be hoping for a decent 210+ more or less with what Ive got planned I was thinking of posting my build on here once get finished.

      This is my lay out so far I got a fully ported an polished GSR head I'm going to get dual springs and retainers I have a type r many, 70mm TB, Flat valves and I'm more than likely going to go with a B18 I think 82mm bore and an 11.1 compression pistons I got H beam rods with arp bolts as well just because I may end up boosting way later down the road but not too excessive I want it to last but I agree with the seal OEM always (Ive learned my lesson from other on that one) and yea definitely a nice tune that's a must right after break in.


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        Yea man that will be a solid motor, any head ported will make huge gains even on a Ls non Vtec,
        But one thing I seen the type r intake manis only fot b16 or type r heads, headers are universal but the Intakes are a little different all though I have never tried to bolt it on, might work but I have heard that that does not work,

        Good build so far man and your compression will be very very high man specially if you get it shaved with flat valves and 11.1 comp pistons your compression will be very high don't skimp on the cams that's where you can make or break that 210-220 whp on a NA LSV

        I just recently rebuilt a b16a2 for a em1 clone I have and my next motor not sure I have spare Gsr block or Ls block with the Lsv kit, not sure what way to go I could also build another poor mans type r lol they are fun to drive when running right

        If you don't have the kit go on eBay the ZERG kit is cheap and ZERG makes good gaskets I am using them on a few of my motors


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          oh naw I mean its not a type R intake its just that same style but yes it fits its the Blox BXIM-10100-V3. I have quite a few lsv things left over from my previous B20V I built I had ordered a cosmetic gasket for an ls that's just waiting to be installed now but the picture on the first post that's my 1st Frankenstein witch didn't last due to poor ring installation smh Ill never let anyone help me build my shit after that one.

          Well it sounds like I'm on the right track so far I may not shave the head just because I don't want a ridiculously high compression and have to end up running E85 witch I think for that I would have to have stupid high compression lol. I just want a solid fun and reliable DA at the end of the day that's going to eat a few things on the streets and its gutted too so hell yea weight reduction done already.

          Shit that's a tough one man I mean either way they would both be fun or throw that ls crank in the GSR block cause of the S/R I think Ive read its supposed to be more torquy if I'm not mistaken don't quote me on that its been a while since I've read about that.


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            Probably not the answer you're looking for...
            I can't say I know what a stock bottom end B20 will take, but you may want to consider a different daily or at least have a back-up. I've had enough experience with project cars at this point to know you'll want something more reliable than a project car for a DD.
            Not much help for you question, but my 2 cents considering you said this is your only vehicle. You may want just a direct swap so you have something more reliable.


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              He is right man, turning your daily driver into a project can be a pain, but make sure you have everything for your swap ready Vtec conversion harness, Ecu, motor all ready to drop in and with a friend or 2 you can get it done in a day the swap that is

              Now for the b20 stock bottom end I personally have no experience with one but check this my buddy built a stock Lsv stock Gsr head stock block boosted it with what people say are cheap but effective eBay turbo kit and made 287 wheel HP, so I mean 20,000 miles later and 12 second 1/4 miles and many many race days and track slips to prove it, I think you should be fine using a stock b20 block

              As for the Ls crank in the Gsr block that would be so sick dude ultimate sleeper, and it does work and you can change the stroke and it would yield more tq. And more power my buddy who helped me on my build wanted me to do that but I didn't have an extra Ls block to tinker with, speaking from experience the poor mans type r is a fun motor but yea I would personally not daily it took me a while to get everything running correctly but man that thing pulls with Lsd it's a fun da


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                Well thank fully ill be getting a DD next week I just have to drive it back here to FL from N.M so I'll have that as my main DD/parts car shit its a lil SUV I cant complain a bit its free. Hell yea though UndergroundTrev thanks I see what you mean man its better that way just incase anything happens god forbid you have a point.

                Alright check it though tell me what you guys think this is what's going on. I got in a wreck last month witch took my Carbon Fiber hood (fucking pissed about that shit), passenger fender radiator and support and both head lights. The stock B20B4 that's in there runs great it has no leaks or anithing but I already purchased an Ls short block to work on. How ever the guy I bought the short block from has a DA shell that I will be getting when I get back but its an OBD0 so im definitely swapping everything from my 93 OBD1 shell to the 90s shell just to get that headache out the way lol.

                The 90s shell is fully gutted witch I think its great because that gives me the opportunity to get a lot of stuff done that I've wanted especially having a DD (thanks to having a DD right?) it will be easier. On my shell I have fully upgraded suspension all around from coilovers, sway bars, trailer arm bushings ect, so I'm definitely swapping all of those goodies. On the shell Ill be getting it has Hasport (90A) mounts and hydro transmission conversion done and a brand spanking new fuel tank and 460 Walbro pump witch I don't think I will need. I have an ECU but im afraid it may not be any good sence it likes to take its time in telling the pump top prime the line before starting so I was considering a hondata eventually because like we all know tuning is key.

                The more I thing about it as I type this I think I should just turn the DA in to a nice track/show car I know I want reliability out of it witch I feel like im on the right path I just gotta keep digging and researching my shit. I really apresiat the feedback and intel though fellas.

                yo Mnda90 that's a bummer man dam if only you had one I can only imagine what that's like I mean my 1st B20V was fully stock and I fucking loved the way it moved the DA bro so I have an idea I guess of what that would feel like...


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                  Smart choice on the daily

                  A full restore will be so nice you can redo stuff that ya learned from the last time


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                    yea most deff man this would be my 3rd DA that Ill have had once I go get it. I wanna make sure everything on this one is nice and solid I might as well go all out but in time you cant rush perfection lol