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  • Need help head related

    I have a 90 da9 I just purchased and has a b16a2 all brand new internals even polished pistons and is .20 over he put and ls head on it put 6k miles on motor build and he just changed to a ls pr4-3 head but forgot to resurface this head now it's leaking coolant in the exhaust my main question is I'm going to have head resurfaced but do I need a b16a2 head gasket or ls head gasket I have a 92 as well(title issue) with stock motor I plan to rebuild before I swap it in so I just want to get the b16a2 with ls head going to daily until I get the b18a1 rebuilt any help would be greatly appreciated

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    How does that even work your using a b16a2 block with a Ls head?


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      B16a2 with ls head

      When using a ls head u have to block off the vtec oil port in block and flip the dowel pins in head but I need to know use head gasket for the motor or head gasket for the head and a ls head on a b16a2 destrokes the motor makes a dohc zc motor


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        Got ya that is one of the first times I have seen that!
        glad to know that works though shit Ls heads around here go for 30-50$ all day lol as for the headgasket question for me and my pmr I am using a Gsr block with b16 head and ordered a p30 head gasket so I'm using a b16 head gasket but you might need to take close pics of both head and block holes and ports and look very carefully at your head gasket you order cause my buddy just had an issue using b20 head on b18a1 block was having headgasket leaking issues due to things not exactly matching up