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Integra gs-r ecu p-61 Question

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  • Integra gs-r ecu p-61 Question

    Hi, are there other ecus from integras that I can put into a GS-R DB2? I found one I wanna buy, but it has a broken ecu. K thanks!

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    There are other OBD1 ECU's which will work but you really would want a real P61 for everything to work correctly. A JDM P30 should work and really any OBD1 ecu which has been chipped and setup properly for your engine. But really at that point you're likely getting into the same price as a stock P61.

    On ebay people are asking ~$250 which is a little expensive but is making sense with the rarity of these. There's one on there for a little under $200 which really isn't bad. And I still see them sold other places (craigslist, forums) for $100-200 - you just have to wait until one pops up, which may not be possible if you need one ASAP to get the car running. But if all you need is to get it running to drive home then nearly any OBD1 ecu will be OK for that, you'd just want to replace it later with the correct one so that everything works.
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      Hello! I really liked your story. Thank you!
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        thanks for the useful information!