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Need help .. Fail smog test! CO level is high

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  • Need help .. Fail smog test! CO level is high

    Need help passing the smog test...
    the car is all stock change the o2 sensor ( denso) new catalytic converter new spark plugs(ngk) distributor was ok i have check the caps and the ignition rotor and the ignition wires engine oil has been chnged a month ago car is running fine with no problem no engine check light this is the second time i had a emission tested the first one fails like a week ago... Only problem was the CO % on the emission results level is above the range or limit what ever you call it. This car was driven by my father since i was out for almost six years and i know he takes good care of it ..,now im here its time for me to take charge for whatever maintenance the car needs ... This is a daily driving car i have 246 thousands miles i believe in this car ... Im hoping someone can help me or can give me an idea to look for in order to pass the smog test and its due in 2 weeks..,thank you in advanced


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    Check cam timing, adjust valves properly (cold engine), Leaking fuel injectors or bad fuel pressure or regulator. Low spark output.
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