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Need help!!! Innovative motor mounts

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  • Need help!!! Innovative motor mounts

    Hey guys. I have a 91 ls and the oem motor mounts went on it so I decided to buy innovative replacement mounts (steel if that makes a difference). Though i ran into a problem, the driver side innovative mount where the stud would attach is a lot thinner than the oem. So thin that the nut would become thread bound before even getting close to snug. Did I get the wrong gen mounts? Or do you just put a bunch of washers in there? Lol. I would assume this would screw up the alignment of the engine potentially causing issues though :/

    Ps my mounts did not come with any hardware what so ever. Thanks guys
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    Did you buy these new or second hand? Did you contact Innovative to ask them? I haven't used these mounts so I don't have any first hand experience. Contacting the manufacturer would be where I'd start.
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      I went on their website and I found out you need a drivers side post mount to make it fit. I've ordered it so everything should be good now, thanks for the quick response. I'll leave this post up in case someone runs into the same problem as me haha