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Car sat for a while.....

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  • Car sat for a while.....

    Alright guys I need some help here. I have a 92 Integra with a B16 in it and the car has sat for a few years becuase when I was in college it got the passenger side water leak and a lot of water got inside. The ECU died during this period (unsure if it was due to the water or not) but that just compounded things. Life got in the way and the Teg sat in storage. I swapped the ECU at some point and it ran for like 5 minutes before the ECU blew again (large cap).

    Fast forward to today I'm trying to get it up and running so I can sell it and I have some issues. I bought a new ECU for it and the car starts and runs but the following issues are happening...
    1) CEL on solid but will not show a code when jumpered
    2) Car is idling at 2500 RPM
    3) when I press the gas pedal the car has a huge hesitation at first but then responds

    I tried cleaning the IACV and injectors and that didn't help so I'm looking for more ideas......