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    Hi I've been looking around and haven't found anything but hopefully someone in here can shed some light on an issue I am having.

    I am putting together a B18B1 bottom end that I got balanced the beginning of 2017 with new King bearings and ARP main studs and an aftermarket girdle witch sits on top of the main caps so I am using GSR ARP main studs because of the girdle. The whole time these parts sat they were cleaned and bagged and stored inside in a spare room.

    Once I get to the 2nd torque sequence for the ARP specs (witch are 30-60-80) it takes about 50 to 60 fp with a 3 foot pry bar to get the crank to spin (not normal already) and when it does get spinning you can feel resistance and you can also hear a very faint grind. strike 2 this is extra heat next thing you know bye bye bearings

    After that I decided to just go ahead and do the last step of 80 pounds and I couldn't move the crank what so ever I applied well over the 80 pounds that it calls for the harmonic balance bolt and it would not budge at all.

    At this point I went ahead and checked clearance and all the way across it read .001 and I know that's way to little what can my issue be? I also went ahead and torqued the main caps to Hondas specs and still got the same clearance with the same effect as well.

    This is a link to the same set of King main bearings I bought

    Hopefully this is my only obstacle on this build and can figure out the problem so I can finally get back in my car its been way to long lol
    Would you guys say I got the wrong set of bearings in? I know the crank cant be bent in anyway sense it was balanced or should I try another crank just for the heck of it and see how that goes?
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