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    So I'm about 90% done with my B18C5 swap into my DB1 but I'm having an issue with getting the motor and transmission into the car with the current mounts that I have more specifically the rear mount being the issue. So I have the Innovative rear engine mount for a cable/hydro but couldn't use the original t bracket that my car had because bolts wouldn't line up right with that bracket, so I got a t bracket for a DC Integra that would fit this engine but now the issue is that the DC t bracket mount shifts the engine too far to the passenger side of the car which causes the transmission to hit the frame of the car and not being able to fit. Another problem with that bracket is that it's too wide for the mount and there's a big gap on both sides from where it's not snug with the bracket. I've tried searching the forums for a DIY for this swap but couldn't find anything. If there's a thread covering all of this or just some advice to help me I'd greatly appreciate it.