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LSD transmission oil, what do you use?

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  • LSD transmission oil, what do you use?

    I've got a Y1 LSD trans with my B16 and wasn't sure what kind of oil the LSD requires. I was going to use Mobil 1 synthetic gear lube but it is very heavy, around 75-90w. Please help.


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    There has to be someone else with an Y1 LSD that can answer this question.


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      Well..i guess im the other person who has the Y1 LSD tranny... for the tranny oil.... im using Redline MTL tranny fluid. There is also MT-90 tranny oil from redline which is a bit thicker... i used both and cant tell a difference.... everyone recommends the MTL.

      O by the way... is your shifting pretty easy and smooth? MY tranny is kinda hard to get in a gear( any gear ).. but after its in, going in to other gears are easy... i think its time to rebuild my tranny.. o wellz..


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        this will help too......

        MTLĀ® - Manual Transmission/Transaxle Lubricant. A 75W/80W GL-4 gear oil which is designed for manual transmissions which require 75W or 80W GL-4 gear oils, motor oils, or ATFs. It provides low temperature shiftability equal to an ATF, yet will not thin out or shear at high temperatures and provides the substantial gear protection of a GL-4 gear oil. The higher synchronizer coefficient of friction allows faster upshifting and downshifting and the lubricant is non-corrosive to synchros and bushings.

        MT 90 - Manual Transmission/Transaxle Lubricant. A 75W90 GL-4 gear oil which is designed for manual transmissions which require 75W90, or 90 GL-4 gear oils or motor oils. Uses the same chemistry as MTL , but is a 90 WT in order to satisfy certain manufacturers which recommend SAE 90 GL-4 gear oils.


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          I use OE Honda MTL tranny fluid, $4 a quart from the dealership. I was going to use Redline but everyone else I knew with a LSD in their tranny (BTW, I'm talking about my H22 LSD tranny) said to run the Honda MTL and not the Redline.

          I used to run Redline in my Honda trannys but now after driving my LSD H22 tranny w/Honda MTL and my friend's H22 tranny (non-LSD) with Redline, mine shifts smoother. Next week (or when I'm not lazy), I'm dumping out the Redline in my DA and putting in Honda MTL.


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            DP24 and Newman,

            Thanks for letting me know what you are using. From what you are saying, it looks like you can use whatever you use in a non-LSD trans.

            DP24, what does the GL-4 rating mean? The Mobil-1 gear lube is rated GL-5, which I am assuming is a higher rating.

            Thanks again,



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              how often do you change transmission oils? (for manual 5-speed). my DA6 has LSD too and the autobody shop guys said there is no need to replace it... "its only for automatic transmissions" he said.