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H22/DA swap

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  • H22/DA swap

    Here are some pics/info about my street car project that I never finished. Now I'm trying to get it ready 4 the NASA Honda Challenge (track only car).

    About 8-9 years ago, Charles (aka Dr. Charles) performed all the fab work required to bolt in the H22.

    engine mount:

    I bought the drivers/passenger side engine mount brackets from the Honda dealer, removed the original brackets and had him weld them in. For the rear engine mount, he used three spacers to support a "platform". (the platform/spacers were bolted to the rear crossmember using the original bolt pattern for the factory mount) The H22 engine mount was bolted on top of this platform. I also used the factory rear bracket. The front engine mount is not in yet. Still up in the air on how I want to do this.

    clutch master cylinder:

    Charles cut some of the firewall and welded a "C" shapped bracket inside the cockpit. The master is halfway outside in the engine bay.


    I modified the original LS harness. It was done a VERY long time ago. I hope I did it right.


    Charles supplied the axles. Gotta go pick it up one of these days. Hope that fits/works right.


    I hope it closes. Its very close. I might have to remove some of the skeleton on the bottom of the hood.

    The engine is so close to the front crossmemeber, there is no space for the header to pass through.

    Here r the pics
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    more pics



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      [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]


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        It looks so nice all cleaned up like that. I am about to remove my engine to swap in a B18C1 but I know I won't have the patience to remove everything so that it can be cleaned and painted. I am patching any rust spots but that is it.
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          are u serious h22 in a DA. taht is some shit.....looks HELLLA CLEAN and damn u gonna run quick....( i think) :bowdownthat lower xmember would be ur problem...doesnt clear the header. :


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            last pic[IMG][/IMG]


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              yeah, we're already talking about you in the general section


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                I wish my h22 was that clean......Nice job not sure if its worth a 8 year wait... Why did you stop in the frist place. Something like that 7-8 years ago i would have never stopped..


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                  great looking build ...cant wait to see how it performs ...


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                    i one thing i love about the h22's is that the starter and alternators are at the front of the motor, bastids


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                      Why do you think thats an advantage other than ease of service?

                      For cornering, wouldn't weight behind the front axle line be better?


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                        ehh, ease of servicing is why i like it. nah, im just ranting cause i had to replace my starter 3 times last week, and my alternator twice.

                        oh and props xtrac for such a clean swap. i already told you that on h-t though.


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                          Xtrac, what if you were to use a Full Race traction bar, do you think that would clear up enough room for you for the header?


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                            Thanks guys. If PLace Racing still sells the front crossmember, I might modify it to make it stronger. I kinda got bored with the project and it just sat there for a long time.


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                              If you decide to get bored again I'll trade cars with you Looks clean!