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B20z / p8r head?

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  • B20z / p8r head?

    Hey everyone, Im new to the sight, but not to the honda game. My past car was a 1990 CRX Si with a midly built b18a swap. Now i have a 2001 Civic LX which i HATE and im looking to sell it to buy a 1992-1993 Teg.

    My question regards the b20z and the p8r head

    I understand the b20z has a 9.6:1 CR, and all that jazz. But i have also read that the JDM b20b p8r head raises the compression of a b20b from 8.8:1 , to 9.2:1, is this true? i know the valves are 33mm instead of 31mm, but was wondering if the compression change was real or not.

    THe plan was, since selling my 2001 LX will give me quite a bit more than is needed to buy a G2, i will have some $$ to throw towards and engine. I know all the other possibilites so please dont go into b18c1's or b16's.

    IFFFFF the p8r head does raise the comp of a b20b .4, has any1 tried it on a b20z? Im not mathamatician( nor a spelling expert) but in my world i see a possibility of 10:1 comp from OEM parts, which would be right up my alley.

    Has any1 tried a b20z with p8r head? or is this useless? maybe B20z with a p8r head, and b18b IM? and I/H/E? that is my plan,

    If any1 has info on the b20z/p8r idea please let me know, id love to start shopping for a G2 ASAP

    PS. Love the webpage

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    yes it will fit.
    I have seen people run the p8r on the Z's without any problems. The person i have seen do it didn't know specific comp ratio though. They just estimated. The biggest thing on the p8r head that is said to increase the compression is that the combustion chamber is matched to the 84mm bore of the cylinders.

    the only difference between the 8.8 motors and the 9.2 motors is the p8r head. other than that blocks are the same throughout. So i'd say it's safe to assume the comp would be raised by the p8r head.


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      Ya i know about the 84mm Combustion chamber, thats sexy an OEM 10:1 comp b20 would be super nice. Throw a Hondata HG in there and ur near 10.2:1, damn that would haul with 404's.... HMMMM the wheels are turning.

      Thanks for imput


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        you're welcome