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90 gs engine swap

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    I have a red integra, not sure of the paint code. I love the look of that barbados yellow! If only I had the money to get it sprayed professionally! Unfortunately I think I may have to do it myself. This means that I would not want to spend a ton of money on buying factory paint, only to mess up and have to spend a whole lot more on more of it. I was thinking of possibly doing a graphite color (a greenish graphite) with maybe an egg shell clear on top. I don't want it to look too shiny. I may just go to walmart and pick up some spray cans and test them out to see what I really like then pick up some real paint for the job.

    As far as doing the suspension, I had never heard of that Progress brand. It looks to be good stuff though, and for $600 for a whole coilover setup, you cant go wrong. What is the benefit with going with the rebuild-able shocks? The rear sway bar also looks to be good. For the front, I have been having trouble deciding. I have looked for maybe a H&R or a Neuspeed sway bar, but It doesn't seem like they make them. I may go with a Suspension Techniques 15/16th inch bar.
    What is the difference between a tie and a strut bar? I have been looking for what I believe is a strut bar (it goes over the engine from where the front suspension meets the body?) but I cannot find one that fits when the car has ABS installed. I would prefer not to do an ABS delete. I figure if it works, I might as well wait for it to die before I do the delete. My power steering on the other hand is dead

    However, having said all of this, I still really would love to just go straight to doing a motor swap. Its something new for me whereas all this other stuff I have done before. I think I may have gotten my heart stuck on doing a swap. But then again, spending $800 on suspension and my car feeling completely different is better than spending $1900 on it feeling different. Maybe in the time it takes me to get used to the new suspension, I will have saved up enough to pick up that engine. (doubtful though)



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      Don't feel like you have to do everything at once with stuff. That is why I originally suggested just buying a B18C from a decent place and just doing the timing belt and calling it a day. If you want to rebuild something, you might consider rebuilding the stock B18 bottom end and getting an Endyn head and doing LS/VTEC.

      In the mean time, keep your eye out for a good used, inexpensive short geared B-series cable transmission. Sounds like yours is on the way out. Also, just because you do the bushings doesn't mean you have to do all of the suspension at once. I'm still deciding on the Progress stuff. You would get the rebuildable one so later if it craps out, you can rebuild it instead of spending another $600. Or, if you wanted to get it re-valved for different rate springs, you could do that too.

      As far as paint, I believe you can get almost any color from automotive paint shops just like you can for house paint. I don't think there is a 'factory' paint that you can actually buy.

      But yeah, do the maintenance your car needs, a cold air intake would still work if you did a swap later, a custom exhaust would still be good later...the transmission, etc. Do you like your wheels and tires? I'm just saying there is a ton of stuff you can do to your car that will transfer over if you decide to do a swap later. Also, check out the teg tips forum here. You might find some cool cheap projects that look like fun!

      Good luck to you.



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        'Factory' paint is probably going to be made by PPG, or maybe DuPont, but I'd bet on PPG.

        But yea, just go to a paint shop and have them hook you up.

        Getting the suspension and other miscellaneous work done first is a smart idea.. Then once all that is finished and you throw in a new(er) motor, you're set!

        Looks like buymysoul has you on the right track so far. Good luck on your build man.


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          Sorry to not have posted in a while, I have been doing some research and all that fun stuff. I have however decided to go a transmission swap first, mine now grinds in third when shifting above 3,000 rpm. It also occasionally pops out of 4th. My only concern is with which one to get. I was thinking a y1 with a ls 5th, however, i would be at a steady 4,500 on the highway going about 80. I would love to have a peppy transmission, but the thing I have to keep in mind is that it is my only car and therefor a daily driver. I do a lot of highway miles and I don't want to get annoyed on tong trips.



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            Yeah with the Y1 trans (4.266 Final Drive) and B16 gearing, you'd be at [email protected] in 5th gear. If you swapped in an LS 5th gear you'd be at [email protected]

            Really though, it just takes some getting used to and it's not THAT bad.. My buddy had two civics that he alternated on driving.. One was an EF hatch with a JDM B16A, and the other was an EK with a JDM B16B, both with the B16 trannies... He said after like a month he didnt even really notice riding at [email protected] He just got used to it.

            Now, if you have a loud exhaust (Which he did) it might be annoying because the sound will resonate and it might get to you.. But like I said, you get used to it.

            Yes having a 5th would probably feel better and annoy you less.. But if you have to go far out of your way to make it happen, IMO, its more of a hassle than its worth. Then again, it depends on how far of road trips you take it on.. driving 600miles probably wouldnt be fun lol.. but making a 100mile trip or so, it wouldnt drive me crazy or anything.

            Just my 2cents.

            Oh, and use this to play around with gears if you want:


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              Gonna hijack this thread... Looking for advice, I have a K20A3 left over from totaled vehicle restore and thinking of putting it in my DA to replace the B18A1 that would need work (blown head gasket & bad piston ring). Was going to eventually going to track the car, which way should I go, I'm on the fence currently.


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                This thread hijack/resurrection (do people still use that term?) is epic (do people still use that term?) Anyway, nice job.

                My advice would be to stick with a B series. Sell that K and use the money to get the suspension/wheels/brakes more track worthy.


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                  I've built a few motors 5k you can A get a nice swap, B do your own custom build, I have learned Craigslist or g2ic or Facebook is a great way to get good re-usable parts, my first engine I got everything new everything Oem Honda 6k, second motor i rebuilt a 00 si b16a2! And got a hydro tranny for under 3k with rebuilding the head completely with type r cams, if you are patient and know or find people with deals you can go about it cheaper, just do more and more research, I've helped many of my buddy's on info but yea man when it comes to headgasket and valve cover and oil pan and simple gaskets that are basically a few more bucks then eBay stuff go Oem on that part,

                  rywire has great conversion plugs and harnesses,

                  odb1 will be best to run your car in for tune as well

                  before finding a machine shop call around and get quotes, use g2ic search or sadly just google your integra question 9/10 times I will get g2ic or Honda tech but man yea you got this just don't over look it