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auto seat belt retracts during hard braking.

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  • auto seat belt retracts during hard braking.

    So I just upgraded my brakes to the legend dual piston calipers and mini cooper rotors so my cars stopping power is definitely improved. Now everytime I have to brake hard my seat belt retracts like if the door was open, then it moves back.
    Only on my door.
    I did move the door locking mechanism in the door to install the non key hole door handles in the front. Did I move the alignment or something.
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    Has anyone ever bypassed the door latch sensor for the auto seatbelts.


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      That's pretty interesting. It only does it under hard braking? I am guessing (and it's purely a guess) that by moving the lock mechanism, something has changed with the door ajar switch..... which is probably part of the latch, itself. Dumb question, but is everything tight: latch/striker/connections.???


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        Yeah, I have a spare latch and tested it. Seems when I brake hard the doors and cabin moves making the seat belt switch think the door is open. I might have to replace the entire inside latch in the door.


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          so I ended up finding the internal latch inside the door from a parted teg, installed it and done. issue went away.
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