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Auto to Manual Seat Belt Swap

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  • Auto to Manual Seat Belt Swap

    Tools needed for the job

    Stockets 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm and 17mm
    Screw Drivers
    Trim removal tool
    Tap and Die Set
    Welder (if at all possible)
    Wire Wheel
    Drill Bits

    Material and Hardware

    12" piece of flat stock steel
    7/16-20 Nuts (8pcs.)
    Flat Washers (4pcs.)
    Paint (to spray raw metal)

    Remove Seats and all panels (4 12mm bolts)
    Rear view mirror (firmly pull down on mirror)
    Sun Visors (flat head screw driver)
    Map Light and Dome Light (2 8mm nuts)
    Sunroof rubber Trim
    Remove the roof pad
    Note: using the trim tool remove the 4 plastic push pins and plastic washer and philps head screw.

    Remove the 9 10mm bolts off the auto belt track and motor and place of to the side.

    Next your going prep for the installing of the manual belts
    For the upper shoulder portion of the belt your going have a hole for this. ( you can do 1 of 2 things using your 7/16 tap and tap the hole or using a dremal cut a hole above the mounting hole. This is so you can tac weld the nut right behind the hole.)

    For the retracting portion of the belt your going to use the wire wheel to clean and prep to weld a tab to bolt the bottom of the retracting belt. Weld so it's solid piece and safe
    Cut a 5in piece of flat stock
    Weld the flat stock to line up with the bottom of the retracing belt
    Now Remove the 2 17mm bolts out of the lap belt (you can bolt the bottom and the belt to the hole closer to the front of car)

    Weld 2 nuts to each other and now to the washer
    Now you can weld the mount to the hump on the inside next to the emergency brake.
    Bolt the buckle to your mount

    Note: your can drill a hole in the hump and weld the mount you made to the underneath of the car.

    Paint all the raw metal so it doesn't rust.

    Remove the shoulder belt and put your car back together

    Will have pics as soon as I can get the Photobucket code to work properly..

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