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?dashboard removal?

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  • ?dashboard removal?

    how much work is involved with taking the dashboard out and re-installing it? any tricks or special tools needed? anything i should know before attempting it?

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    its pretty easy, just a sorta big job. There is a lot of stuff that has to be disconnected. No tricks, its pretty self explanitory, just basic screws and bolts. You have to take off all the cosmetic panels under the dash, the steering wheel, the gauge cluster, the climate controls, dash clock.....pretty much everything and then you'll have access to the bolts for the dash itself and all the wiring inside.

    Also, you have to unbolt the steering column so that it can drop down a couple inches, if you don't do that the dash won't wiggle its way out.
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      there are 17 screws and 13 bolt to take out ( 10 and 2 for me now)
      there are about 5 wire clips to remove and one kinda hard ground wire DON'T CUT IT!! and the hardest think it getting the light from the glove box out the.

      1st open the doors take 2 screws out of each of the bottom part
      then there are 6 screws in the center peice( 2 are pointing up)
      7 screws in the insterment beasle (2 on top 2 on bottom) and there is 2 behind the heater controle and the little clip toward the pasanger side there is 1.

      this is where i drop the stearing wheel, 2 bolts and 2 nuts(12mm i htink)

      there are 2 screws in the instrment cluster to remove, i find it is easier to unhook the speed-o cable from hte trany then pull the cluster out

      after you have removed that pull the wires through take off the side vents and the clock and remove the 9 bolt holding it in

      some where int he unhook the wires of course i leave my deck in, just unplug it now saves some time.

      takes me about 60 minutes to get it out and back in

      i find the hardset part is the center peice back in with the short shifter


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        sticky info right here.


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          I am pleased to read the old threads! Interesting discussion)
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            Everything is easy to install without a special tool