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    i have 92 RS teggy of course and i have all the bolt on goodies to include....
    2.5" catback
    cold air intake
    8lb flywheerl
    aem underdrive pulleys

    I was thinking about dropping a chip in the ecu which i believe is the PR4 ecu and as you all know ebay has all the generic chips ready to drop in, spoon, jun and skunk2 which all have the same specs. btw i know that they are knock offs. is there anyone on here that has the ability to make me a chip that can suit my needs to compliment the bolt ons. i was gonna turbo it but said screw it cause it's not worth the time or headache. I have an 04 TL that i would rather put more money into. anyway between a paintjob, rims and carbon fiber hood and all the little things that need repair over the years i just want to squeeze a little more out of the engine. the car has 160,000 on it now and as far as i can tell runs like a champ. any referrals or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. i've had the car since 04 so i'm not a rookie to working on these things. BTW im not trying to spend a grip on this process but money isnt really that big of a deal, but that doesn't mean any high ballers either. thanks. ill include some pics in a hot minute. love them acs
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    Noone can make a chip to suit your needs. Each car is different and needs to be tuned different. On that note, with the setup you are providing, I doubt any gain would be seen.


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      thanks thats what i thought due to the lack of response, im just gonna turbo it.