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Engine died while driving around town.

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    Spoke too soon. It would appear I have ONE last problem to sort out. The engine's power delivery has some problems in the middle of the rev range. It's varies a bit by gear (odd) but between roughly 3000-4500 rpm the engine's power delivery is horrible. Engine is still smooth, otherwise I'd say it feels like it loses a cylinder in that range. Engine feels choked somehow.

    And this ONLY happens after the engine has reached operating temperatures. When the engine is cold this doesn't happen at all. A friend suggested that it could be a clogged EGR valve, but I don't think my GS-R comes equipped with such equipment (based on looking in the factory service manual where it's only listed for the B18A1 engine w/automatic transmission).

    I feel like I'm so close to getting this engine back to running properly. This has to be something minor and simple, yes?


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      Hmm, that's tough. I can't think of one specific silver bullet here but the thing that comes to mind is ignition - specifically an issue with the coil or igniter. And you are correct, your car does not have an EGR.
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        Shucks, not what I wanted to hear haha. Well given that I just replaced the entire distributor assembly, aren

        EDIT: Wow, trying to post from my phone sucks. It cut off my message both times I tried to fix it.

        What I was trying to say was that both the coil and igniter are located within the distributor assembly, which was 100% replaced with a new unit. Ugh.
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