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  • Hard starting

    Hey guys, so my car struggles to start when the engine is cold (outside temperature does not seem to make any difference). I have replaced the ignition coil, ignition leads, and main fuel relay (off brand from local parts store). My plugs look new, electrode is still in good shape, though shows signs of being too hot. They are proper heat range. I have full fuel pressure at the rail and I replaced the fuel filter. I tested the icm with a multimeter and it passed. Now the next thing I'm going to do is check my ignition timing but if that is not the issue I'm basically at a dead end. Other thing worth noting is that I have a minor coolant leak at the upper rad hose housing (side of head in front of distributor) though my temp is always in the proper range, also I do not have a check engine light and yes the light does work haha. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks guys!

    Edit: 1991 ls b18a1. Compression test 182/184/185/187 and surprisingly but somehow not burning oil or leaking oil so head gasket is out of the question

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    You seem to have covered all the basics, I see it's been a few weeks, still having the same problem?
    Hows your battery?
    Have an auto parts store test these, as far as I know O'reilly's testers can test the starter through the battery


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      I recently bought the car and I was informed it had a new battery, so I overlooked that, I'll test that next. And no I have not fixed it yet. Thanks for the input


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        I got the ignition timing set to factory specs, replaced my battery leads, battery is strong. Also replaced the fuel pump even though I had full pressure it was dramatically weaker than a new Bosch pump. After this the problem seemed to go away, car started immediately. I'm down to about a quarter tank mayne less (gauge is not accurate) and the hard starting began again. I'm at a dead end now, a pump is the only thing I can see relating to fuel level but it has a new pump that I tested before install. Also I continuity checked all the grounds I know about and they're all good. Could an off brand main fuel relay be the issue?


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          Did you replace just the pump, or whole assembly with the float? (that's what gives you the level on the gauge), not trying to patronize you.
          Does your teg experience the problem when it's really hot in the car? From my exp when main relay's start going bad it just doesn't start when hot.
          Do you always hear the FP prime?
          Try priming a couple of times before actually starting.
          Does the fuel level actually make a difference on the cold start? Say full tank vs 1/4

          I'd also take the plugs out before starting for the day and take a good sniff, smelling for gas, and maybe looking down with a flashlight looking for pooled up gas (from leaky injector).
          Closely Inspect the procelain on each plug while they're out for hairline cracks.
          Also did you fix your coolant leak? I can't think of how it's related but your can encounter more problems down the road.

          If you suspect the main relay and
          it was recently purchased simply go back and warranty replace it, most parts stores will do this no questions asked.


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            I replaced only the pump. The hard start happens when it is hot, that is why I expaected a faulty relay. No cracks in the plugs but they are white as if too hot, though they are r5 (correct heat range) as well as new coil and leads. If I prime the pump the car starts just fine, no hesitation at all. I think I may swap out the plugs even though the electrodes are still in great shape just incase they are the issue considering they're hot. I also disconnected the fuel regulator and I gained roughly 100 rpm so that tells me it is okay, unless I should be seeing a larger gain? And don't worry about patronizing, any help is great