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Car not running smooth after oil overfilled

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  • Car not running smooth after oil overfilled

    I overfilled the oil on my car by about a 1/2-3/4 of a qt last weekend. The car now bogs a bit when accelerating and I feel some power loss also. I I tried extracting the excess oil with a tube and syringe through the dipstick but that didn't work for some reason I didnt have the time
    and the necessary tools to jack up the car myself and drain some oil out as my car is really low. Is it possible that I may have damaged the seals etc?

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    Also, where is the front jack point in a DB2 located? I read that its not the same as a DA/DB1


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      That is strange, I intentionally overfill by 1/4 qt on a regular basis since she burns a bit, but I can't imagine that causing seal damage.

      In a pinch my friend bought marine tubing or skinny clear fuel line (at any parts store) and actually sucked oil out through the dipstick tube, it was about half the diameter of the dipstick tube.
      And regarding performance that same friend was overfilled by almost 2qts and burning it so badly he left a cloud of smoke behind him, once we drained it, his car ran fine - might just be time for a tune up?

      As for front lift point I've always used the subframe.


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        True, it might be time for a tune up. I tried that method with 3 different tubing's but nothing actually worked. I just drained 1 qt last night so I hope that solves the issue.

        I read in several other forums that overfilling by a qt or more causes too much pressure which leads to damaged seals. I'm afraid that may be the case as I drove a whole week like this and I was also throwing some smoke the 1st couple of days.


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          If you damaged seals you'd have leaks, honestly you should be just fine.