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91 Integra possible engine swap

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  • 91 Integra possible engine swap

    Hi there im 18 and have a 1991 Integra where the clutch started slipping really bad and it won't stay in gear any longer and it also has 320xxx miles and I was wondering if an engine swap would be a good option? I have looked for something else reliable and haven't found anything good so I'm looking to spend about 1000-1300 for a swap and I need it to be very reliable and relatively fun. If you have any ideas on what I should do please tell me. Thank you. Also what clutch should I get?

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    A decent upgrade, and also cheap one, is swapping in a B20 from a Honda CRV.


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      The first question I would ask is where do you live? Here in CA there are smog regulations to consider, b20 is a very easy. affordable swap that gives you good power for the money. It sounds like you have transmission issues, so you should be looking for a complete swap. a gsr short gear trans or b16 trans really wakes these cars up. then there is always the vtec swap route... b20 vtec later down the road etc. My buddy just made 234 to the wheels on a b20v. I was in the same postion and was lucky to find a complete b17 swap with trans and everything for 1400. but by the time youre done getting clutch kit, mounts, fluids, tools, etc things can add up quickly. So do as much research as you can, and hopefully someone has a good swap lying around you can pick up. good luck!


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        I agree the B20 swap is a fun, cheap option. Just did one a few months ago, and yes with a short-gear trans. Love the low-end zippiness, my only gripe is that the 5th gear is still a little too short on the freeway - 4k rpms at 80mph. I have also done the B18C swap, believe it or not with an LS trans that was my favorite for all-around quick but still quiet on the freeway and high top speed. I can see how the ultimate though if you wanna blow some cash and time could be turbo on LS trans,... and/or a 6-speed