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DB2 Integra Bogs down in low RPMs and dies. Won't start.

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  • DB2 Integra Bogs down in low RPMs and dies. Won't start.

    Whats good everyone,

    I finally decided to post a thread in here as I'm extremely frustrated with issues my Integra has been having for almost 2 months now. It's my daily so I need to fix ASAP and I'm already running low on cash to throw at it. I'm also new to working on my car myself so any help would be appreciated.

    First issue the car had was one night at 2am in the morning the car died on me while I was leaving a lot. Car would crank but it wouldn't start, so I decided to buy a brand new battery as the current one it had was 3 years old. It didn't solve the issue, got it to an O'Reillys to get it tested and the alternator and started tested out good. A local mechanic I know told me the issue could be the fuel pump so he installed a new one. Car would NOW start but it would bog down and die and started having horrible MPG. I had to put gas on it just so it could start most times. The car then started throwing CEL code 15 which was "Ignition Output Signal". I continuously searched all the forums of HT, TI, G2IC & Cl to find a fix. Read multiple times the issue could be a bad dizzy so I bought a new one from eBay. CEL went away and car would start at first but a little bit long crank. Thought that car was fixed until the car started to bog and misfire in low RPMs and would die occasionally. The weird thing is that it only happens every single time when I'm making a right turn in a green light or entering a neighborhood at low speeds, once I go into 2nd or 3rd that car bogs down to <5mph and then it accelerates after 2 secs. This issue has been ongoing for almost 2 months now. I don't want to get rear ended while making a right turn somewhere or being stranded somewhere again. The car still has guzzles down gas like nothing.

    Things Checked or Replaced:
    Fuel Pump
    Spark Plugs
    Timing was set to OG specs
    New Distributor
    Checked MAP & TPS sensor
    Main Relay (Re soldered)

    I think the starter is also going bad as the car didn't even want to crank to start the other day.