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No vtec, low on power.

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  • No vtec, low on power.

    So I've had this car for a little over 6 months, car ran perfect when I got it. Slowly I've been fighting a bogging issue, and now code 22 is on. So it seems like it's in limp mode but I'm not sure. Code 22 is the only CEL. Only mod is intake.

    Here's what I've replaced-
    -oil pan
    -oil pan gasket
    -vtec solenoid
    -fuel filter
    -plugs and wires
    -distributor, cap and rotor.
    -o2 sensor
    -map sensor
    -new wix filter and Amsoil 10w-30 as of today.

    Ill try to link a video I took today at WOT, and youll see how weak she acts. Let me know if yall have any ideas.