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ACT 4 Puck or 6 Puck clutch any good?

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  • ACT 4 Puck or 6 Puck clutch any good?

    I'm thinking about getting the ACT 4 or 6 puck clutch which one should i get..Im planning on putting turbo in my car within the next month but my clutch has gone bad...

    Whats the difference between the 4 and the 6 pad which one is more street able?I know there both harsh but whats better for street..

    My friend also gave me his Clutchmaster Xtreme Presure Plate so im gonna use that...

    What are the up's and down's with both clutches?

    I can get these puck disc's for real cheap so these are what i want to use.

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    If you're using it on the street and you plan on daily driving it and don't want to go through clutches, I think you should go with the 4. The 6 is rather thin and the lifetime on them is probably considerably less than the 4. I don't know anything about turbos and clutches but my 6 puck grabs good, no slipping or anything like that, but I'm sure in a couple months I'm going to need to change it. Which is like a day project.


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      Why do they waer faster?

      Why do these clutches wear faster? Do they wear faster than the Stage 3 Street Racing Disc?

      Are Bronze clutches better than Kavlar clutches?Why or Why Not......... Thanks Alot!!!!


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        They come thinner than a regular disk so they can spin fast and grab fast. I got mine a little used so I can't vouch for a brand new one, but I know a regular one isn't as thin as the one I got. I don't really know much about clutches, just the ones I've had experience with, OEM and 6-puck.


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          i've been wondering about those 3, 4 or 6 puck clutches too. this design is usually only seen on high stages aftermarket clutches. and you may be thinking why there is more grabbing power from a clutch that has less contact with the flywheel. well this is what i think is happening:

          given the same amount of pressure put onto the clutch by the pressure plate, if you were to decrease the amount of surface area of the clutch in contact with the flywheel, the overall pressure will still be the same but the amount of pressure on the individual pucks will increase. same amount of pressure but less surface area = more pressure on the smaller surface area since the total pressue will have less area to spread that load onto.

          but correct me if i'm wrong here.


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            91integLS: you're pretty much right on....