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Need help! Oil pressure gauge- electric or mechanical?

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  • Need help! Oil pressure gauge- electric or mechanical?

    ive blown 2 motors in 2 months because my stock oil pressure warning system has seem to gone out. my light doesnt come on when im low on oil. So my question is what the difference between the electrical oil pressure gauge? and the mechanical?

    does the electrical just tap into you pre-existing oil wiries, therefore not being much help if my system has already gone out?

    and does the mechanical tap into the an oil line or into the motor somehow?

    which would be best to avoid another blown motor due to low oil? thanks for the help in advance.

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    They both work as good.

    Mechanical gauges have an oil line that run off the block to the gauge it self.

    Electrical gauges have an oil line that runs off the block, to a sender, then an electrical wire from sender to gauge. Electrical gauges tend to be safer in that you are not running oil into the gauge it self and risk a leak.


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      thanks for the help, i didnt even figure, i was gonna go with the mechanical. any other input would be greatly appreciated.

      also if anyone knew what normal psi would be on a first gen b16?
      because both motors ive blown have been b16's. kinda would like to keep this next one


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        Well I wouldn't recommend the mechanical gauge unless you are wearing a helmet and a full race suit when u drive. It doesn't happen often, but if the oil pressure gauge some how burst, that means hot oil is coming out of it and into the cockpit.

        I am just a safety kinda guy.
        r1ce fo l1fe y0!!!


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          [ into the cockpit.

          I am just a safety kinda guy. [/B][/QUOTE]

          cockpit. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLLLLOLOLOLOL i dint knoe were driving airplanes!
          190whp 131torque
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            i have mechanical oil temp and water temp and neither of those have a tube of oil........the tube is filled with inert ether gas which is heated by the probe.......i believe the oil pressure guage uses a sender which does not use oil either, maybe im wrong


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              thanks for the help guys it was much appreciated.

              now does anyone knoes the regular psi the oil should be running on a firt gen. B16? once again, thanks in advance