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How do you tighten your a/c Belt?

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  • How do you tighten your a/c Belt?

    or in my case loosen it it has no play in it and when i turn it on my car idles at like 400 rpm and it drains way too much power, to the point where i cant even shift smoothly with out pounding it.

    ty in advance

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    How do you figure loosening the belt is going to help you? If the belt doesn't slip, it won't drain any less power than it is now. If it does slip, it'll make noise, your A/C won't work properly, and you'll burn the belt off.

    The car should automatically increase the idle speed when something is draining power. If it's not, there's a problem. Search for low idle speed or something.


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      umm because it its overtightened obviously. the manual says something like 10mm play and it has none, so that means it is too tight and therefore putting strain on the crank.

      when i am driving in gear then come to a stop then put it in neutral it will drop to 400 rpm for a little bit but most of the time it will come back up to normal


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        To adjust the tension there is a small pulley that the AC belt runs over. The pulley is in between the AC compressor pulley and the crankshaft pulley. It is about as big around as the bottom of a soda can. It has a 14mm bolt holding it in place. Loosen that bolt up. Then there is a 10mm bolt that pushes against the pulley to raise or lower it. Loosen that bolt until you get the tension you want. Then tighten down the 14mm bolt to lock the setting in place. To make it easier take out the radiator "overflow tank", so you can see the pulleys. Pretty easy.


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          If the belt is overtightened it's not going to drag down the engine, it will chew up your belt eventually and wear out the a/c compressor bearings prematurely, but the engine is built to take a lot more than a lousy overtightened belt and if your belt is dragging down the engine you've got some major engine problems dude. I'd look elsewhere, like the IACV, try reseting the ECU, adjust the idle.


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            i dont think it is my idle because my idle is fine when the ac is off i tried restting my ecu
            and ive already cleaned my iacv and bled my coolant


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              It's actually pretty normal for your idle to drop for a second, especially with your A/C on. A/C compressors use quite a bit more power than other accessories like the alternator.

              If it's affecting your shifting, you may have to shift faster, and at higher RPM's. Not sure why your engine would slow down to an idle between shifts.


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                I would like to read about it anymore. Prompt, what literature to study?
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