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Hit a Curb, Now Steering wheel shakes!!!

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  • Hit a Curb, Now Steering wheel shakes!!!

    Hi Folks:

    I have a little problem with my Teg; I accidentally hit a curb with the front passenger side of the car at about 30mph trying to avoid being involved in an accident and now my steering wheel shakes or vibrates at almost any speed. I can't notice the vibration at very low speeds(like 15-20 mph) but at over 30mph for instance I can feel the vibration and at really high speeds is feels very unpleaseant.

    I lift the car, went inder it and perform a good inspection and found nothing bent, ripped or out of place(No apparent bent parts on the suspension or the chassis). I rotate the wheels also and it's still the same. The whole brake system was replaced a week after this happen so I have new brakes, pads, rotors and brake fluid on all 4 sides.

    I run the search and read a lot about similar or problems like this but I still haven't found an answer that convinces me. I would like to be as much sure as possible what I need to replace. Based on the info that I found here I thinks is one of 3 things or all: Axle,wheel bearing, Hub assembly. If anyone can help me it will be greatly appreciated because I want my car to run the way it was: LIKE NEW!!!

    Thanks a lot in advance for any help provided. Here's a picture of my car so you guys can see the condition of it

    William Moreno
    1992 GS-R

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    Beautiful car. Does it just vibrate, or does it pull to either side? Is it vibration, or rubbing? Any other noises?

    Do the axles look good? any wierd angling or anything? Boots not ripped? Which side hit the curb? Make sure your ball joints are fine, and cotter pins are in.


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      what about the steering rack tie rods.. those are weak little things... and if theyre slightly bent.. it might throw your alignment out of wack..


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        balance your tires and see if it still vibrates. If it still vibrates when you hit the brakes, your rotors are warped.


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 | poison free.


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            i would say that ur alignment is all effed up or ur tires are out of balance... mine did the same thing, so i got my tires rebalanced and all was good.


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              well to me it sounds like you bent your rim..i would be almost positive actually that you did and that its also out of alignment. take your wheel and have the tire balanced and they will be able to tell if its off and get your front aligned


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                Hi to all:

                The car doesn't pull to the sides or anything like that. Boots are not ripped, no funny or weird angles. The rotors and pads are new and basically everything looks great. Maybe I'll go to a shop and let them determine what is wrong with it.