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Temperature guage spike then back to normal

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  • Temperature guage spike then back to normal

    Hey everyone...

    I am having some weird issue with my car lately. I noticed the temperature gauge would move up slightly when I am idling then when I accelerate the temperature goes all the way up 3/4 mark and then down to its normal spot which is a little below half the temp gauge on my car. Its pretty quick like 5 seconds up and then down to normal spot. I know my radiator fan is working as I can feel it kicking in now and then when I idle as it bogs my rpm down a little everytime it turns on lol. My car has 166K on it right now. I know that back when it had 150K my radiator broke for some reason and I replaced that with a aftermarket radiator and while I was at it I had the water pump and timing belt changed...all seem to work fine until now. The thermostat installed now is an aftermarket kragan or napa store not honda OEM part as I didn't see the need to get OEM but after the install the normal operating temp is below the half way mark a little off what it was when I had the Honda part but the car seem to work. I check the oil it seem fine it looks brown/yellowish and I looked under my oil cap no mixing of coolant and oil I dont think. My coolant in the reservoir seem to have disappeared? I dont smell any coolant burning, I dont see any on the floor...I just refilled it and problem with temperature gauge spiking still exist on occasions.

    Anyone had this issue with their car? Any inputs suggestions...let me knw please.
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    Have your rad pressure tested for leaks. I had a similar issue (jumping temp needle and all) and you couldn't see the coolant leak out unless the rad was pressurized.


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      Hey Dizzler, I've had this happen before many times.
      First thing I would do, is get a new radiator cap. They are only like 5-10 bucks.
      When the car is cool, fill the radiator to the top, leave the cap off...get in your car, turn the heat to high, and start it. Let the air bleed out until the thermostat opens, and you'll notice the coolant level drop. Refill, put the cap on, and you're good to go. Air bubbles in the coolant will cause your temperate to fluctuate like that. And the coolant missing from your reservoir is going to your radiator cause you are low. Get a new cap, bleed it like I said, and refill, you should be good to go.


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        When this happened to me I had a big air bubble in my coolent


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          Thanks for the quick reply ppl

          Alright its dark outside but tmr Oh man crap I totally forgot I have work tomorrow I thought its Spring BREAK!!! Man that totally sucks but I will check on this when I get off work tmr. .

          Ok Thing is when I filled my radiator up back at 150K on car, I recall blasting the heater and also opening the bleeder valve when I filled up. Whats weird is my coolant disappearing now at 166K I thought it evaporated like thats normal but it shouldn't be evaporating in a closed system...I hope its not a head gasket thing...but when my engine was warmed up my coolant reservoir was almost empty, but I will bleed it and see whats up. Once, again thanks for the reply i will report back and give ppl an update!


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            Sounds like a plan. Like i said, a radiator cap was causing mine to disappear. So get one, bleed it, and let us know what's up.


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              Alright well, all I did was pop the radiator cap open (the cap is only one yr old and the rubber looks good) and started the car with heat on full blast and waited until it warmed up and rev'd the engine a bit to get the coolant moving around...I drove it around town no temperature spiking up and down but it happens only once in a while so I gotta give it time to see. I will report back if anything else. If it does happen I will get a compression test to see whats up but I hope nothing happens .