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car bogs down

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  • car bogs down

    sometimes wen i am driving my car will start to bog down and stumble a little wen i give it gas and it will shake back and forth but it only does this for a few second and its usually wen in the low rpm range at first i thought it could be a bad clutch not catching good but after paying more attention to it i know thats not it. does anyone know wat could be causing this?

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    my car does the something for the past 3 years it bugs me. I have a new fuel filter and it tune up. but once in a while it just bogs down. hard to find only does while driving.


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      have you guys tried changing ur oxigen sensor?


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        no i havnt, how often should it be replaced and how hard is it to do?


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          autozone has a tool to change it and i think you have to change it every 30000k miles is your check engine light on?


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            Originally posted by Shagy View Post
            have you guys tried changing ur oxigen sensor?
            it has nothing to do with o2 sensor, i thought all the hondas do that

            its like a jerk and boging thing in lower gears and rpm when speed is around 15-25 mph, when you try to give it gas , it will pause for like 1 or 2 sec then jerk and go

            my curent da, my last da and my friend 2003 rsx , they all do that in lower rpm, i thought it might have something to do with the ignition module, icu or mfr, i dont know, i just adjust my driving style to avoid it

            is this even fixable?

            this seems to be another typical "honda thing" , just like the leeaky cam seal.


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              no its not on and the ecu throws nothing......and dang that sucks i want to find a way to fix it i cant stand it and im sure it looks like my car is bout to die to other people, there has to be something you can do like the cam seal you can get better ones


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                my brothers civic was doing the same thing and i adjusted the timing to the proper position and it wen away...check ur timing


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                  i just did a full turn up

                  with everything you can think of except cap n rotor, timing was checked on both crank and cams and dizzzzy

                  it still does it


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                    dang i mean i know its prob nothing to sweat over but i still want it gone there has to be a way to fix it i mean im sure it didnt do it back in 1990 lol


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                      sounds like its possibly ignition related. Swap out your distributor with a good known working one...I bet you will notice a difference. Seems like the next logical step anyway, you said yourself you have changed everything except that. You did change the fuel filter too right?


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                        i wasnt the op , but i believe the dizzzzy is almost new when i got the car

                        when i got the car it has newish radiator n hoses, dizzzzy ,tires n other stuffs

                        i changed the fuel filter

                        it feels like when you at lower rpm fuel is not flowing well and , gas fuel pump or the fuel control systerm is not sending fuel at the very first sec whn you give it gas, it has to be something ike icu mfr.

                        anyways , it doesnt matter to me, i just change my driving style to avoid it , i am just trying to figure it out for everyone else whos been bugged


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                          Had to bump I fix my problem My boss started selling this intake system cleaner.

                          so i tried it out.

                          its a chemical that you let drip throw the PVC valve it takes about a hour to use up the chemical, the car was blowing alot of white smoke.

                          the chemical breaks up all the carbon build up in the intake while cleaning up the injectors then the car burns its.

                          they kit come with a throttle body cleaner also.

                          I gain back so much more power and it don't bog anymore.

                          I forgot how much power my b20 had.

                          to bad they don't sell this stuff in stores only auto repair shops can get this stuff. that I know of


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                            Seafoam baby! Does the same thing. It works insanely well and you can buy it any Napa. Most importantly they sell it in a spray can as well and call it Seafoam DeepCreep. You spray that stuff into your throttle body and you will be amazed at the results...i know I was. Sooo smooth on accelerating and lots of power back.

                            So you buy a can of Seafoam put 1/3 in the crank case, 1/3 in the fuel tank and suck 1/3 in through the brake booster hose, then spray a whole bunch of the deepcreep into your open throttle body.

                            The stuff is truly amazing, if it doesn't make your car run a lot better I will eat my muffler.


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                              Have the same problem except the bogging is so bad u can barely drive the car and i get stuck in intersections... ive changed distributor map sensor tps is good new fuel pump new filter i even changed the entire intake because when i unplug vacumm hoses the idle does not change ive replaced plugs wires and the injectors r good and my fuel pressure is fine even compression checked it 180 across no idea wat the problem is anyone have any other ideas please tell me